There are 142 collections of interactive props in the museum, all of which are used as interactive tools for museum visitors to try and see the props.

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (Kbbi), the meaning of the word interactive is related to the dialog between the computer and the terminal or between the computer and the computer. Another meaning of interactive is having a mutual action.

The collection of electrical artifacts in the museum totals 238 collections, quoting from the Big Indonesian Dictionary (Kbbi), artifacts are objects, such as tools, jewelry, and the like, which show human work skills (especially in the past), found through archaeological excavations.

Usually what is categorized as an artifact is an object that can be seen, touched, and documented.

Artifacts show the work of human hands or traces of man-made in the past.

The collection of props in the form of panels that are temporary / can be changed in position / place in the museum totals 98 collections,

Dynamic is a term derived from the Dutch language, “Dynamisch“, which has the meaning of actively working, not wanting to stay still, always moving, and wanting to continue to grow. If based on the Big Indonesian Dictionary, this term can also be interpreted as full of enthusiasm and energy so that it moves quickly and easily adjusts to circumstances and the like; contains dynamics.

Apart from being popular as a term, dynamic can be interpreted from various perspectives, depending on the context being discussed.

The collection of exhibits in the form of static panels in the museum totals 189 collections, static is a state of silence or fixed. In the Indonesian Dictionary or Kbbi, Static is not moving, not active, or not changing its state.


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